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The standards we apply

We work with internationally recognised standards to help larger businesses develop certified carbon neutral products and services or make their operations carbon neutral. For small and medium-sized businesses we have developed our own Protocol which takes the best of the international standards but in a simpler, easier to implement package.

For larger businesses

British Standard PAS2060 – the de facto global standard. Publicly Available Specification (PAS 2060) applies a common definition and a recognised method of validation. It is based on the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services. This specification can be applicable to activities, products, services, buildings, projects, towns, cities and even events.

Certified Carbon Neutral PAS2060 logo
NCOS – The Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard provides a benchmark for consumers and businesses to assess claims of carbon neutrality or the credibility of carbon offset products available for sale in the voluntary carbon market. The National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) Carbon Neutral Program (the Program) allows the operations of organisations, products and events held in Australia to be certified as carbon neutral.
Certified Carbon Neutral NCOS logo

For small and medium sized-businesses

We have developed our own bp Target Neutral Carbon Neutral Protocol. It has been reviewed and assured by Climate Check and takes the best of global standards like PAS2060 and NCOS but is packaged into an easy to use format specially designed for small and medium sized business.

BPTN Protocol cover

This protocol format employs a simple five-step pathway to acquiring carbon neutral certification.  This involves quantifying your business carbon footprint, setting and meeting reduction targets, offsetting unavoidable emissions, achieving certification and finally publicising the results. 

bp Carbon Neutral certification is an effective way for small and medium businesses to kick-start a long-term carbon reduction programme that helps drive efficiencies, enhances brand and customer offers, motivates staff and creates competitive advantage.