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Carbon offset fuel cards for fleet users

Carbon offset fuel cards for business drivers

Fleet managers in the UK, The Netherlands, Austria and Germany have a simple and cost-effective way to track, manage and reduce their fuel related carbon emissions for their fleet with bp, Aral and bp Target Neutral.


Together, we’ve introduced an integrated ‘smart’ fuel card and carbon management programme with three outstanding features. Holders of the bp Plus and Komfort fuel cards are able to:

  • Access a software programme that collects and analyses data from the fuel card to show individual vehicle carbon emissions performance
  • Utilise an online training facility to upgrade fleet driver skills in using fuel more efficiently
  • Automatically offset remaining fleet carbon emissions to compensate for fleet fuel carbon emissions 
Carbon Offset fuel cards

This package provides a comprehensive carbon management solution for business drivers and can be fully integrated into the existing company processes of both large companies with a sizable fleet and smaller businesses with only a few vehicles.

Residual emissions are offset through the bp Target Neutral service which purchases and retires carbon credits on behalf of customers, supporting carbon reduction projects that also seek to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the communities they serve.

In 2021, fleets using bp Plus and Komfort fuel cards helped customers offset 192 ,000 tonnes CO2e  (carbon dioxide equivalent)*

*Methodology based on DEFRA’s emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting.




Auto Windscreens case study

Auto Windscreens case study

Auto Windscreens is using bp fuel cards to reduce and offset their fleet emissions.


Watch this short video to find out how its helping to support the sustainability strategy and boost the brand.