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Certified carbon neutral lubricants

The bp Target Neutral serice works closely with Castrol – one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of premium lubricating oils

Together, we have developed a range of carbon neutral products and services for individuals and businesses including logistics companies, fleet operators, vehicle workshop owners and even wind farm electricity generators. 

Carbon neutral products and services

Castrol quantifies the carbon emissions of each new carbon neutral lubricant and commits to reduce carbon throughout its lifecycle - including emissions associated with production, packaging and distribution. This process is in accordance with the BSI PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality and is applied across all carbon neutral products in the PATH360 range.


Castrol quantifies the carbon emissions of the products in the carbon neutral range following the guidlines set by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an organization that supplies the world’s most widely used GHG accounting standards. Castrol then commits to reduce emissions throughout the product’s life cycle.


Following reductions, Castrol then offsets the residual emissions through the purchasing of carbon credits via the bp Target Neutral service. Examples of projects include,  renewable energy, cookstove and landfill gas capture and use.

Certified carbon neutral lubricants include:
Certified carbon neutral lubricants