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Guidance and tools to run lower carbon events

The events industry is a major source of carbon emissions. Not only does an event itself contribute to emissions through catering, the powering of the space and more, but associated emissions such as travel to and from the event can add up to hundreds or even thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions
Guidance and tools to run lower carbon events

bp Target Neutral has developed a toolkit and carbon calculator to help event organisers take action on these emissions and work to deliver a lower carbon event.


This toolkit starts with tips on planning a lower carbon event, followed by the step-by-step walk-through of the carbon calculator. The toolkit includes a series of tips on how to reduce your event’s carbon emissions with ideas on travel planning, catering, ground transport, exhibition materials and plastics. Once action has been taken to reduce event carbon emissions, the guide includes details of how to offset any residual carbon emissions through bp Target Neutral.


Download the toolkit and accompanying events carbon calculator below.

Lower Carbon Olympics and Paralympics

The Olympics and Paralympics are among the world’s greatest global events


At the London 2012 games, bp Target Neutral offset the carbon emissions associated with the fleet of 5,000 vehicles transporting the Games athletes and officials.

Lower carbon Olympics and Paralympics

We also provided advice and support to millions of spectators, helping more than half a million of them – a world record – to reduce or offset the carbon emissions that arose from their travel to the Games.


We have also partnered with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), helping to offset all of the organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions from business travel.

International Paralympic Committee


Like many organisations, the IPC is always working hard to improve its carbon footprint and limit its impact on the environment. Through our international partnership we are delighted that bp Target Neutral has offset the emissions associated with our business travel. This is just one of a number of activities we are implementing to improve our environmental impact.Xavier GonzalezIPC Chief Executive Officer