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Carbon neutral protocol

A streamlined approach to carbon neutrality

For small and medium-sized businesses we have developed our own Carbon Neutral Protocol which takes the best of the international standards but in a simpler, easier to implement package. Achieving Carbon Neutral* status via the bp Target Neutral Carbon Neutral Protocol is an effective way for small and medium businesses to kick-start a long-term carbon reduction programme that could help drive efficiencies, enhance brand and customer offers and motivate staff.


To help guide businesses through the process we have developed a cloud-based tool to support an application for carbon neutrality. This includes a business operations carbon calculator which applies the lastest emissions factors, an emissions reduction plan guide and payment portal for carbon offsets.

BPTN Protocol cover

Carbon Neutral status is achieved through following a five-step process. This involves:

1. Quantifying your business carbon emissions

2. Setting and meeting reduction targets

3. Offsetting unavoidable emissions

4. Submitting  your application for review by bp Target Neutral

5. Communicating your status transparently


Carbon neutrality is a long-term commitment and maintaining Carbon Neutral status is an annual process. Carbon reductions need to be demonstarted against the baseline period and reviewed by bp Target Neutral, If approved, then the residual carbon emissions can be offset.


Achieving Carbon Neutral status not only demonstrates that a business is in action on reducing its carbon emissions – it also shows that it is supporting offsetting projects that deliver a range of economic, social and environmental benefits for less advantaged communities around the world.


Working towards Carbon Neutral status is entirely voluntary and emissions calculations are based on activity data provided solely by the business.


The Protocol document itself has undergone a limited review-level assurance by ClimateCheck, an organization specialized in climate change, cleantech, sustainability, measurement, reporting and verification services and solutions. It is in line with international carbon quantification guidance such as the GHG Protocol and ISO:14064-1 and is based on the recognised international standard for carbon neutrality, British Standard PAS2060. However, it’s been specifically adapted from PAS2060 for small and medium sized businesses to make it more accessible and easier to use.


If you are interested in using this service then please send an email to bptargetneutral@bp.com 

* The operational emissions of the businesses are carbon neutral in accordance with the bp Target Neutral Carbon Neutral Protocol, which has undergone a limited-level assurance by ClimateCheck. Businesses have to quantify their operational carbon emissions, create and commit to a carbon reduction plan and offset their residual emissions. Emissions calculations are based on activity data provided solely by the business. The emissions from the use sold products are not included in the emissions calculations.