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An exciting turn of events

Cancelled. This one word pretty much sums up the effect of COVID-19 on the global events industry. Now, as the world’s arenas, halls and auditoriums begin to reopen, we’re helping the industry #BuildBackBetter – with a carbon calculator and offsetting tool designed purely for event organisers
Make your event carbon neutral
  • Event organisers can now offset their entire event with bp Target Neutral
  • Promoting carbon neutral events can raise their profile and appeal to climate-conscious customers
  • Step-by-step guide makes offsetting complex events straightforward


Why launch an events calculator at a time when leaving the house is an event in itself? Good question. As live events emerge from lockdown, we can see that their carbon impact is being watched more closely than ever before. If we can help event organisers to reduce, offset, or neutralise their carbon footprint, we can make a difference.


How big a difference could it make?


Over 85 million people attend events in the UK alone on an annual basis.

Eventbrite, 2016


It may take a while for the post COVID events industry to return to these sorts of levels but even small events can be relatively carbon intensive,… it only takes a single a return flight from London to LA to match the emissions for an average car over the course of a whole year (c. 4tCO2e, UK/DEFRA) .


To help, we’ve come up with our events carbon calculator. This new solution from bp Target Neutral can be used to offset either a whole event, or part of it, like travel – one of the biggest contributors to an event’s carbon footprint.


International visitors to UK events generated a disproportionate share (21.8%) of travel spending.

Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018


Thinking about carbon emissions may seem overwhelming, especially with so many moving parts to running an event. But as consumers put pressure on event organisers to become more environmentally and socially responsible, this tool will help make the offsetting process smooth and dependable.


As well as helping event organisers reduce their environmental impact, it also enables them to promote their event’s environmental credentials. So it’s good for the environment and good for business.


There’s a support guide that comes with the carbon calculator, to help work out the total carbon emissions associated with the event. Plus, there are a whole bunch of handy tips on how to reduce emissions while planning for an event.


We want to help the world build back better from this crisis.Bernard Looney, 2020
As we all know, through a clearer understanding of our emissions, we can better reduce them in the future – offsetting what can’t be reduced.