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BP Target Neutral extends its contribution to the Advancing Low Carbon Accreditation Programme

Release date:
24 May 2019
BP Target Neutral is very visible in BP’s 2019 Advancing Low Carbon (ALC) accreditation programme


BP’s accreditation initiative was launched in 2017 and aims to support the Reduce, Improve, Create strategy framework by encouraging every part of BP to pursue lower carbon activities.

Advancing Low Carbon Accreditation Programme

BP estimates that 53 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent have been saved or offset through activities delivered by BP as part of the programme, and a further 4.7 million tonnes through activities delivered by BP partners since the programme began in 2017.


To be accredited, each activity must meet BP’s rigorous criteria and requirements and be independently assured by Deloitte LLP before it is accredited. Accredited activities include everything from advanced fuels and lubricants to lower carbon products, and from global research initiatives to partnerships with start-ups developing innovative new technologies.


More than 50 activities achieved the prestigious ALC mark in 2019 – and 11 have benefited from expert advice from BP Target Neutral on how to create carbon neutral products and services by reducing carbon and then purchasing carbon credits to offset residual emissions.


These activities include carbon neutral fuels, lubricants and chemicals as well as carbon neutral operations at airports, car dealerships and workshops and services that enable companies to offer their own customers the chance to drive or fly carbon neutral.


The 11 carbon neutral products and services achieving the ALC mark helping support emission reduction projects around the world, such as forest conservation in Zambia and renewable energy in China, through the purchasing of carbon credits.


As well as generating carbon credits, the projects bring a wide variety of economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities.


In focus

Two of the most recent activities to achieve accreditation involved Castrol’s global lubricants business and Air BP – a major supplier of aviation fuel.


With BP Target Neutral’s help, Castrol launched a carbon neutral offer for their franchised car dealership partners. The programme gives dealers the digital tools and support to measure operational emissions from the heating, lighting and running of their buildings, as well as the fuel emissions from the dealer fleet.


Once a footprint measurement and carbon reduction plan are in place, BP Target Neutral offsets any residual emissions and provides the marketing assets to help differentiate the dealership as carbon neutral.


The programme has been launched in 14 countries around the world.  Ford Auto Plaza in Poland was one of the first dealers to participate and has offset over 300 tonnes of CO2e to go carbon neutral. The programme is helping dealers stand out in a crowded, competitive market and, in addition to providing carbon neutral lubricants for servicing, the scheme includes an option to help customers drive away new or used cars with the carbon emissions from the first year or first 10,000km of driving offset.


Air BP provides fuel for more than 6,000 commercial and private flights around the world every day and has worked with Target Neutral to create a low carbon initiative that allows aircraft operators to offset the carbon emissions related to the fuel they buy.


Air BP customers who signed up for this ALC accredited offer in 2018 included Signature Flight Support and Victor, a leading on-demand jet charter business.