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Get from A to B and offset the Carbon

COVID 19 has had a major impact on global travel and early Spring saw a huge reduction in road and air travel around the world

However, as we get into the final third of 2020 many nations are seeing road travel return to 2019 levels and regional flying has started up again in many countries. This means that the large reductions in carbon emissions we saw in Spring 2020 are starting to build back up again. But we don’t need to go back to the way things were, we can do travel differently. At Target Neutral we’ve been working hard to help you compensate for the environmental impact of your journeys – and it comes in the shape of our new travel carbon calculator.

Travel carbon calculator
Many of us are choosing to walk, cycle or go by train more often. But sometimes we need to fly or drive, that’s when offsetting comes in.Dan Daviesbp Target Neutral

 The way we travel is changing. Electric vehicles have very quickly (and very quietly) moved from niche to mainstream. Cities around the world are legislating against drivers in favour of pedestrians and cyclists. The aviation industry is adopting sustainable fuels and exploring short-haul electric aircraft to rapidly decarbonise.


The thing is, systemic change doesn’t happen overnight and for many of us we still need to drive using cars with combustion engines or fly on aircraft using jet fuel.

The direction is set. We are heading for net zero. There is no turning backBernard LooneyBP CEO, 2020
bp Target Neutral travel calculator
That’s why bp Target Neutral is excited to announce the launch of a new and improved travel carbon calculator and offsetting tool that’s easy for everyone to use.

Worldwide, flights produced 915 million tonnes of CO2e in 2019. ATAG, 2020

How does it work? For car journeys, you can quickly work out your carbon emissions by entering your vehicle type (or your miles per gallon if you happen to know it). For those times when you fly, there’s an airport lookup function, which makes adding both single and return flights a snap.


Then it’s just a couple of clicks or taps to offset those emissions. Which supports a range of projects around the world that reduce carbon and improve lives. For the new version, we’ve also integrated with both Salesforce and Worldpay to make this the quickest, easiest offsetting experience yet.

Carbon offsetting explained
So go on, get started with our new carbon calculator now and offset your travel emissions.