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Borneo Motors, Singapore, going carbon neutral with Castrol

Release date:
28 August 2018
Going carbon neutral with Castrol
Borneo Motors, Singapore, is now ‘Certified Carbon Neutral’ by reducing and offsetting 100% of its operating emissions – a saving equivalent to 847 return flights from Singapore to London

The Toyota, Lexus & Hino dealership, Borneo Motors (Singapore), is the first dealership in Asia to join the new Castrol Carbon Neutral Programme. The programme is designed to help dealerships cut their carbon emissions and also help motorists offset the carbon they create while driving.


The Singapore Government pledged at the Paris Climate Conference to reduce emissions intensity by 36% from 2005 levels by 2030 and has designated 2018 as the Year of Climate Action. Castrol is working to advance the energy transition by developing more efficient lubricants and services such as its carbon neutral programme for car dealerships.


Through the Castrol programme, Borneo Motors (Singapore) is becoming a certified carbon neutral business. This is based on a long-term commitment to reduce emissions by becoming more efficient and then offsetting any unavoidable emissions. Borneo Motors (Singapore) will be reducing and offsetting its current carbon footprint of 4,042 tonnes from its daily operating business from six sites in Singapore to zero tonnes. This saving is equivalent to the carbon emissions from 847 return flights from Singapore to London.


With a personal interest in sustainability and low carbon, Ms Jasmmine Wong, Managing Director, Borneo Motors (Singapore) says of the new project:


“We are delighted to be working with Castrol and BP Target Neutral to reduce the carbon emissions of our dealership and that of our customers. The team at Borneo Motors (Singapore) are all eager to play our part in contributing to a sustainable environment for future generations.”


After efficiency measures have been put in place, the Group will purchase carbon credits from BP Target Neutral to offset any remaining emissions.


Shyam Balasubramanian, Regional Marketing Director at Castrol said:


“The Castrol Carbon offsetting programme is designed to help dealerships meet a growing demand for lower carbon solutions. Now that they are on board, Borneo Motors (Singapore) is able to take a leadership position on their environmental impact, help customers offset their emissions and make a positive contribution to Singapore’s national climate goals.”