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We’re on a journey with car dealerships

Dealerships have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. To help them #BuildBackBetter, we’re collaborating with Castrol to create a new digital platform that helps them measure their carbon emissions, put together a reduction plan and go Certified Carbon Neutral
Mercedes dealership
  • New digital platform lets car dealerships easily calculate their carbon emissions
  • Testing in Q4 2020, full launch in 2021


bp want to reach net zero by 2050 or sooner and help the world do the same. To support these ambitions, we aim to help our customers reduce carbon wherever possible. That’s why we’re introducing a new digital portal to help car dealerships easily calculate their carbon emissions across both buildings (that’s electricity and other fuel) and travel (including business vehicles, flights and employee commutes).  We have streamlined the whole process in a user-friendly format. Working out the impact of company vehicles and employee commutes only takes a few clicks and automatic airport lookup makes inputting flight information a breeze.


We will test with pilot customers in Autumn 2020, helping us ensure it offers the best possible experience, before going live in January 2021.


From then on, Castrol dealerships will be able to calculate, commit to reduce and offset their carbon emissions to become Certified Carbon Neutral.

A carbon neutral certification demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to sustainability, reduction of carbon emissions and the support of environmental projects.CarbonTrust.com, 2020
Dealerships that go through the process will receive a certificate they can display to help spread the word to customers about what it means to be certified carbon neutral, which helps everyone towards a net zero future.