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Reducing carbon, lighting homes

Solar energy, India

Approximately one billion people7 across the globe lack access to electricity. It means there is widespread use of fuels such as kerosene for lighting which is inefficient and expensive and brings health risks and environmental drawbacks.

By investing in carbon offsets, Target Neutral’s customers provide funding for a project that not only reduces carbon but helps provide reliable and cost-effective off-grid electricity for families and business.

The Orb Energy solar project in India has distributed 600,000 solar units to rural and semi-urban areas of India to provide heating and lighting. 


By displacing the use of kerosene, the project has cut carbon emissions by 50,000 tonnes of CO2e per year.

In addition, household electricity bills have been reduced by more than 50%. 

And it means that families enjoy clean, reliable, and safe access to power to light their homes after sunset which helps promote reading and educational opportunities.

The project has also helped create more than 300 skilled jobs involved in sales, financing, installation and maintenance services for the solar systems.