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Avoid methane emissions from the landfill.

Landfill gas, Brazil

Landfill gas, Brazil – map and UN goals

Project name

CTL Landfill Gas Project

Project location

São Paulo, Brazil

Funder and developer

EcoUrbis Ambiental S/A

Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

First Climate (Switzerland) AG

Allcot AG


Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Estimated Carbon Saving per year

1,117,018 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum

Information Sources
Data and information has been taken from the following project documentation publicly available on the Clean Development Mechanism registry website:


Project Design Document



Validation Opinion Report



Monitoring Report


What's the project about?

The CTL Landfill Gas Project is a landfill gas collection and flare project in São Paulo. The project’s core idea is to avoid methane emissions from the landfill.
The CTL Landfill Gas Project collects and flares the methane to supply a customer through a dedicated pipeline, reducing uncontrolled release to the atmosphere.

How does the project generate carbon credits?

Burning methane in flares and/or group generators results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This is also achieved by supplying customers with the landfill gas through a dedicated pipeline.


What are the wider benefits of the project?

The project activity is designed to improve the local environmental condition and create new jobs in construction, operations and maintenance, landscaping, plumbing, monitoring and security. The project developer, EcoUrbis, claims to be carrying out the “Programa de Educação Ambiental” to educate children, teachers and local communities about issues related to municipal solid waste, from waste generation to final disposal. EcoUrbis also plans to integrate employees, social entities and institutions located in São Paulo through work prevention and security, general occupational health and technology and “know how” evolution initiatives.