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More wind, less pollutants

Wind energy, China

China wind project map and UN goals

Project name

Zhaoyuan Zhangxing Wind Project, China

Project location

Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, China

Funder and supplier

South Pole


CGN Wind Energy Limited



Emissions reduction 
187,841 tCO2e mitigated on average annually

Information and data provided by project supplier
China wind project – wind turbine
By supporting the Zhaoyuan Zhangxing Wind Project, bp Target Neutral is investing in a project that reduces carbon in the atmosphere and at the same time improves local air quality


Traditionally, electricity in China’s Shandong Province has been supplied by fossil fuel-fired power plants, mainly relying on shale oil and coal. However, with its expanding economy and population, the energy demand is increasing. Meeting this with traditional methods would release high levels of carbon dioxide and other harmful air pollutants, including sulphates and nitrates, into the atmosphere. These pollutants pose a high risk to the health of local communities.

China wind energy
China wind energy

The Zhaoyuan Zhangxing Wind Project is located on China’s eastern coast, close to the YellowSea. The project's 33 wind turbines harness strong prevailing coastal winds to generate clean, renewable electricity.

Both carbon emissions and local air pollutants are reduced thanks to the project as electricity generated by fossil fuel-fired power plants is replaced with clean, renewable energy.

On average, more than 180,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide are mitigated each year by the wind project.