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Planting more trees

Afforestation, Mexico

Afforestation, Mexico – map and UN goals

Project name

Fresh Breeze Afforestation Project

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Project location


Funder and developer

Project developer: Proteak UNO S.A.B. de C.V.


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Estimated Carbon Saving per year

This project is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by 52500 tonnes of carbon emissions each year


Data and information has been taken from the publicly available documentation on the registry websites.

What's the project about?

The Fresh Breeze afforestation project creates plantations to obtain high-value, long-lived timber products and to sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide on land that is adjacent to cattle farming.
Planting more trees
The overall objective of the project activity is to contribute to mitigate climate change while meeting the growing demand for quality wood products from well managed plantation forests.

How does the project generate carbon credits?

The project works by capturing carbon dioxide through forest planting of Teak trees,  generating emission reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG) that can be measured, monitored and verified.


In addition to reducing emissions, the Fresh Breeze project also aims to support environmental conservation including soil conservation, protection of existing biodiversity of the region, and protection of flora and fauna species. Proteak UNO SAB de C.V. has a protection programme of species during and after the project implementation.

Planting more trees

What are the wider benefits of the project?

The project contributes to socio-economic development in the local communities by bringing tree plantation and afforestation activities which provide employment opportunities that include social insurance. It also provides the means to support the development of local infrastructure; including roads, bridges and schools as well as promoting sustainable forest management.

Planting more trees