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Reducing carbon, enhancing education

Hydropower, China

China Hydropower – map and UN goals

Project name

Grouped Hydropower Plants

Project location

Chongqing, Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces

Funder and supplier

South Pole Group


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Social Carbon

Project status





All project information is sourced from the supplier – correct as of June 2020
Typical countryside in South-Western China

Typical countryside in South-Western China

By buying carbon offsets from the Grouped Small Hydro project, bp Target Neutral is financing carbon reductions from the atmosphere and also enhancing educational opportunities for remote communities.

Scattered across rural Southwest and South Central China are the 95 small-scale, run-of-river hydrostations that make up the project. These small-scale hydropower stations provide enough renewable electricity to supply more than half a million Chinese homes. This helps to ensure remote communities have a reliable electricity supply.

The hydro power means that communities now have electricity 24hrs a day

The hydro power means that communities now have electricity 24hrs a day

The project displaces electricity generated by grid-connected fossil fuel-based power plants. Since commissioning, the hydropower project has reduced 369,000 tonnes of CO2 on average every year.


As well as helping finance the small hydropower plants, the revenue from carbon offsets has funded several community-based activities such as a sustainable agricultural training programme, a public library, eco-education programmes for children and hydropower station safety training.

China Hydropower
Left: Micro hydropower station. Centre: Hydropower generator. Right: The project is benefitting families all over South-Western China
Some of these activities are developed in coordination with local NGOs that include Yunnan International and the Jane Goodall Institute China, Roots & Shoots Program. In total, more than 1,200 people have directly benefited from these educational and training activities.
For further information: bptargetneutral@bp.com