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Micro Hydro, China

Project Summary

The Nanyangshan project is a micro hydro run-of river project in remote Gansu Province. The project generates green electricity for the local grid and its infrastructure also benefits local farmers through the construction of a localised irrigation system for agricultural crops.


Run-of-river micro hydro projects create renewable energy by diverting some of a river’s flow through a pipe or tunnel leading to electricity-generating turbines. The water then returns back to the river downstream and continues its course.


Project Description

The project developed by Nanyang Water Conservancy and Hydropower Development Co., Ltd in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture involves the construction and operation of a run-of-the-river hydropower station at the location of Hezheng County, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province. Annual electricity generation is 5,944 MWh in 2008 and 6,073 MWh in 2009 respectively. Electricity generated by the project is transmitted to Northwest China Power Grid (NWCPG).


Contribution to Sustainable Development

The Nanyangshan project contributes to sustainable development by:

  • The creation of a localised irrigation system for agricultural purposes.
  • Limiting power shortages in the region by contributing to a more stable power supply.
  • Improving air quality by reducing pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are created from fossil fuel based power generation.
  • Improving local livelihoods by creating 15 permanent jobs.
  • Transfer of skills and technology by training of local engineers and technicians.