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Wind power, Turkey



Project Summary

The Mare Manastir Wind Farm has been installed in the Turkish province of Izmir to provide renewable power to the Turkish electricity grid, thereby displacing some of the need for non renewable natural resources to be used for the generation of power.


In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Mare Farm also increases the security of domestic energy supply and reduces energy related import dependency. Local benefits of the project include the improvement of roads, the creation of employment and capacity building opportunities, local investment from local procurement practices and an agreement to construct and furnish a kindergarten following consultation with local stakeholders.


By contributing to a diversified electricity generation mix, wind energy enhances sustainable economic and environmental development in Turkey.


Project Description

This project involves the development of a 39.2 MW onshore wind farm on the Cesmé Peninsula in Izmir, Turkey. The project is constructed and operated by Demirer Holding, under the name Mare Manastır Rüzgar Enerjisi Santralı Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi and consists of 49 wind turbines.


The project includes the construction of 700m of new transmission lines to establish a connection between the project and the Turkish national grid. The Mare Wind Farm generates approximately 129 GWh per year into the grid. This equates to estimated emission reductions of 93,791 tCO2e annually.


Contribution to Sustainable Development

The Mare Manastir Wind Farm contributes to sustainable development in the Izmir region by;

  • Displacing some of the need for fossil fuel power generation in Turkey.
  • Improving air quality by reducing pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are created from fossil fuel based power generation.
  • Reducing the dependency on fuel imports.
  • Supporting the development of a renewable power industry.
  • Creating 13 permanent jobs, 10 of which are filled locally from the Cesmé area.
  • Procuring construction materials and cables, masts, blades and transformers locally.
  • Funding the construction and furnishing of a kindergarten for local children.