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Wind power, Turkey


About the project

Sares wind farm consists of nine wind turbines manufactured by GE with an installed capacity of 22.5MW and is located in Çanekkale province in the north west of Turkey. Power generated by the project will be fed into the Turkish national grid, which is dominated by fossil fuel fired power plants. Construction of the wind farm started in 2010 and the project was fully operational in March 2011.


How does the project contribute to carbon reduction?

The project activity achieves greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions by displacing electricity from fossil fuel based power plants connected to the grid. The project reduces over 50 thousand tons of CO2 per year.


Who is behind the project

The Project is developed by Garet Enerji Üretim ve ticaret A.Ş., a subsidiary of GAMA Enerji A.Ş. who develops and invests in power and water infrastructure projects in Turkey and the surrounding region.


Key benefits


  • Expected carbon reduction of over 350,000 tCO2 over the 7 years crediting period;
  • Generates 82,700 MWh/year of clean and sustainable energy to the grid;
  • Helps to stimulate the growth of wind power industry in Turkey and reduces Turkey’s increasing energy deficit;
  • Creates job opportunities for the local communities;
  • Contributes to improving Kayacik village infrastructure and the livelihood of the poor by improving access roads and providing access to potable water system;
  • Benefits local shepherds by providing access to new grazing grounds;
  • The project works with local NGOs to provide disaster response (including earthquake) courses to high school students in a nearby city;
  • Developed and managed according to international best practices setting the example for other companies in the sector.