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Windfarm, Oceania



Project Summary

This project involves over 100 small two blade wind turbines in two different locations within New Caledonia. This project features the world’s first cyclone resistance wind turbines which can be lowered in the event of an extreme weather alert.


Thanks to sales of carbon offsets, more turbines are being erected in New Caledonia and, when the next phase is complete, approximately one in ten people will have their energy needs met by wind power. This reduces the need for fossil fuel imports for power generation and creates local employment.


Project Description

Since the Prony and Kafeate wind farms are located in areas prone to cyclones, their wind turbines are designed to be tilted down within hours in the event of an extreme weather alert. This innovative, first of its kind turbine design application creates a resilient, local power supply that respects its surroundings. To limit erosion, the wind farms are located along largely existing roads.


Contribution to Sustainable Development

On top of providing sustainable power, the wind project contributes to sustainable development by:

  • Reducing the release of air pollutants associated with burning fossil fuels.
  • Creating employment for local Kanak people and successful skills transfer from wind turbine manufacturer to local employees.
  • Using small local enterprises for several wind farm construction works contracts.
  • Partly funding two Community Coordination Centres offering employment and training opportunities.
  • Supporting the regional community relations group which offers education and training to young people, organises community events and supports local infrastructure improvements.
  • Reduced dependency on heavy fuel imports.