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Wind energy, Chile

Wind energy, Chile

Project name

Cabo Leones Wind Farm, Chile

Project location


Funder and developer

Ibereólica Cabo Leones I S.A.;

Aprovechamientos Energéticos S.A.;



531,725 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent over a 2 year monitoring period

Information Sources

Data and information has been taken from the following project documentation publicly available on the Clean Development Mechanism registry website:

Project Design Document


Validation  Report


Monitoring Report


What's the project about?

The Cabo Leones Wind Farm in Chile was developed on a semi-desert, sparsely vegetated, coastal pasture and shrub land, where neither facilities nor crops existed previously. The project generates renewable energy using wind power technology, increasing the percentage of renewably sourced power in the Chilean grid, and helping the power sector move towards renewable technologies.
Wind energy, Chile

How does the project generate carbon credits?

Displacing fossil fuel consumption with wind power energy generation results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that are real, measurable and give long-term benefits to the mitigation of climate change.

Wind energy, Chile

What are the wider benefits of the project?

The project is contributing to Chile’s sustainable development by using wind energy to generate electricity, while mitigating the fossil fuel-fired power plants. The government concluded that the project contributes to sustainable development and approved the Environmental Impact Assessment.


The project’s monitoring report also stated that local employment was created during the project construction and operation period, which resulted in the creation of further indirect jobs in the professional services industry as well as auxiliary and assistance services such as transport, hotel management and food supply.


The project developer has stated that the project improved local income levels and living standards, as well as reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Wind energy, Chile
Wind energy, Chile