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Offset your own carbon emissions from travel

It’s easy to take action on your own personal carbon footprint from the journeys that you make 

At the same time, you are supporting carbon offsetting projects that seek to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the communities they serve.

We offer two convenient and simple to use tools that measures your travel emissions and enable you to quickly offset them at low cost. The funds we receive purchase carbon credits from the offsetting projects in our portfolio. We don't seek to make a profit on the purchase and sale of carbon credits.


Carbon Calculator

Whether you drive or fly regularly, by using our calculator you can measure and offset your carbon footprint for each journey that you take
Carbon calculator

Simply enter your journey and we calculate the carbon emissions and show you how little it costs to offset.

It takes a few seconds to complete the transaction – then your journey is carbon neutral.

Did you know that to offset a return flight from London to Madrid can cost you as little as £1.27?


Smartphone App

BPme is a fuel payment app for your smart phone that lets you drive ‘carbon neutral’

It not only makes paying for your fuel simple – it enables drivers to select a feature that enables Target Neutral to offset the carbon emissions from your journey.


An average UK driver travelling 15,000 km each year is able to drive carbon neutral for less than 40 pence per week.8

Customers can also use their BP Rewards account, view transaction history and locate their closest BP service station – all from within the app.

BPme is now available at thousands of participating BP sites in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, with plans to launch in other countries soon. It is free to download and is available for the latest versions of iOS and Android. For more information, visit www.bp.com/bpmeuk

7.  A petrol car travelling an annual distance of 15,000 km per year at 35.5 km/gallon will emit 6.8 tonnes of CO2e per year. Emissions have been calculated using the internationally recognised IPCC methodology:
[Net Calorific Value of petrol (IPCC GHG Reference Manual, 2004) multiplied by emission factors for CO2, CH4 and NO2 (IPCC Guidelines for National GHG Inventories; Chapter 3 Mobile combustion, 2006) and taking into account the global warming potential for each (IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, 2007)].