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Offsetting your travel emissions – Three steps



BP Target Neutral doesn’t just help businesses tackle carbon emissions

The choices we make each day can have a big impact on our own, individual carbon footprint – especially the way we travel for work or pleasure
Offsetting your travel emissions

For example, in the UK, about a quarter of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions come from road transport. 2


And growth in air travel is making a significant contribution to growth in carbon emissions.


Target Neutral has helped hundreds of thousands of people to take action on their carbon footprint from personal travel by following three simple steps – Reduce, Replace and Neutralize.


Reducing your carbon footprint can be easy and save you money.

Studies indicate that adopting better driving habits can result in up to 15% improvement in miles per gallon (mpg)3  and reduce carbon emissions. 

Using our driving tips can reduce your footprint and save you money on fuel.

Using public transport or ride-sharing or taking the train rather than the plane for short-haul journeys can also have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. 

And reducing the number of journeys made by using technologies such as Skype or Facetime can make a real difference to your personal carbon footprint. 


Sometimes, there are simple choices we can make to replace the products or services we use for travel with alternatives that produce less carbon.

For example, there are new types of vehicle fuels and lubricants available now that can make a significant difference to both performance and emissions. 

Some of these new products use lower carbon renewable components such as biofuels or bio-lubricants.  Others go further and are certified as fully carbon neutral.

And when the time comes to replace your vehicle, there are a host of options to achieve much greater efficiency and lower emissions from the latest traditional, hybrid and electric vehicle models.


Our third step recognises that it’s unrealistic to reduce or replace all our carbon emissions at the moment.

That’s why we offer you the ability to neutralize or ‘offset’ the carbon emissions from every journey you take.

Our website tool allows you to calculate the level of emissions associated with a journey and purchase an equivalent amount of ‘carbon offsets’ at very low cost.

By purchasing carbon offsets, you provide funds that allows BP Target Neutral to support a project that reduces or absorbs carbon emissions somewhere else in the world – like a wind farm or forestry project.

Even better, by purchasing carbon offsets and supporting the underlying project can also unlock a range of economic, social and environmental benefits for local communities around the world.

So you can offset every journey you make and at the same time help make a difference to the lives of others.

This is how BP Target Neutral works.