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Meet my team: Pangbourne product test and engineering team

Whilst many people associate BP with the fuel stations they see at the side of the road, a company with 74,000 employees globally and 18,000 retail sites across 70 countries puts much more into helping you on your journey than may first meet the eye

BP provides heat, light and mobility to millions of people around the world and to do that we need fantastic people to help us to innovate, develop, communicate and market our products. We are a company made up of individuals, each of whom is passionate about the job they do and the contribution they make to our company and our community. 


However, with a national STEM skills shortage and a statistic showing that only 9% of engineers are female, it is clear that we need to do more to bridge the gap between school and work. Businesses need to inform young people about the many and varied careers available and help them to see that they too have the skills needed to do them. After all ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’…


Meet four of our female colleagues from our technology centre in Pangbourne as they talk about their roles in engineering – what they love, why they love it and also being honest about the bits that are more difficult to love!


Meet my team