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Bénédicte Galmiche, research technologist

Bénédicte is a research technologist, based in Pangbourne. She splits her time between a wide range of projects, from building computer models of how vehicle engines are lubricated, to testing products for how long they last and how well they perform, providing insights for the development of the next-generation of lubricants

When I was a kid, I loved taking things apart to figure out how they work. It began with taking apart clocks, radios and the other gadgets of that time. Even if I could not always put them back together all by myself, there was always something to learn! 

Getting older, this curiosity grew into a desire to understand how the world works. So I chose to study Physics and Chemistry at university. I first obtained a Master degree in Physics and Engineering Sciences in 2010 and naturally carried on with a PhD. 

I completed my PhD in combustion processes for automotive engines, in France in 2014, and then worked for 2 years as a post-doctorate at Imperial College London on the rheology of lubricants (the study of the deformation and flow properties of materials, like  viscosity for example). 

I joined BP in 2017 after working for 6 months in a Formula 1 team as an Energy Storage System Analyst during the 2017 season preparation. At this point in my career, working in the petroleum industry appeared like a logical, yet appealing, way to start the next leg of my career. I’ve always dreamed of working in the energy industry as this is key to the development of human society and I built my pathway to one of the world's leading oil and gas companies.

For me Innovation is about developing now, what will enhance people’s life tomorrow. - It's a very exciting field to be in.”Bénédicte Galmiche

My activities in the research and innovation department are at the intersection of Engineering, Technology and Chemistry. It brings a unique and exciting opportunity to collaboratively work with global car manufacturers as well as top UK universities.


These university-industry R&D partnerships have a great value in industry innovation, as well as in the development of new techniques, by linking scientists with technological experts. I like interacting with different people in different areas and across the business; this is what makes every day thrilling!


Meet my team