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Joolz Lummas, resourcing specialist

Joolz Lummas is a Resourcing Specialist for our Downstream business in BP. She splits her time between her office base in Hull, her home in York and travelling to meet key clients in the UK

I’ve been with BP just over 3 years and my role has evolved considerably in that time, having started out just covering our petrochemicals site in Hull my remit now spans numerous interesting areas including several key disciplines and geographies.

The main areas I recruit for are engineering (everything from process to rotating equipment, from automotive testing to design and lots of other areas to boot), operations, procurement supply chain management as well as niche areas such as Nexcel and our advanced mobility unit across the UK, US and Europe. 


Working with engineers and technical colleagues was a steep learning curve as previously I worked for a value ladies clothing retailer and a global financial services business. The reality is the principles are the same, so are the rewards; the chance to understand what the business is looking for, support them to find great people and then work together to ensure we can attract and select them into our business. As a result I’m always on the lookout to meet skilled engineers, for whom BP is a good value match.

I love my job, it’s varied, interesting and I get to talk to some incredible people who are ahead in their field. I also get frustrated by the lack of women in engineering and dream of the day when we have a more gender balanced mix of engineers! So come on women, girls rethink your options and dream big!

Working in recruitment means every day is different, there are challenges, massive rewards and the opportunity to build relationships and make a difference!"Joolz Lummas

How do I spend my time?

This morning I facilitated an interview skills workshop for colleagues to help them understand how we interview, and how to use  the STAR model to structure your response to questions making sure you show yourself at your best.

It’s key we hire the right people into our business and a key part of my role is reviewing applications. Sometimes we can have over 300 people apply for a job. It’s my job to screen all those applications against the requirements of the role and send across a shortlist of applications for the manager to look at. It can be hard to make those decisions based on a CV so when someone is a really great match I get a bit excited! 

Often we need to interview across time zones and different geographies so we use technology a lot to support our interview process.

One of the things I love most about my job is when I can give someone great news! That they’ve been successful and will be joining our business.


Meet my team