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What is the Year of Engineering?

Britain has a proud engineering heritage. We lead the world in sectors like aerospace and automotive. The profession continues to thrive today, delivering huge economic benefits to our country. However, there is a shortfall in qualified engineering graduates and skilled technicians. Moreover, there is a lack of diversity in the workforce

Through the Year of Engineering, the government aims to change that. The Year of Engineering 2018 is the opportunity to celebrate UK engineering, as government and industry work with schools and families to offer young people a positive experience of engineering. A career in engineering offers young people the opportunity to shape the future of the world we live in.


In 2018 BP will be joining forces with government and industry to give thousands of young people inspiring experiences of engineering, as part of a year-long campaign to tackle the engineering skills gap and widen the pool of young people who join the profession.


On Thursday 16 November, the government announced that 2018 will be the Year of Engineering, a national campaign to increase awareness and understanding of what engineers do among young people aged 7-16, their parents and their teachers. The campaign will encourage young people from all backgrounds to take a closer look at engineering, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the variety and creativity of this forward-looking and innovative sector.

Engineering is one of the most productive sectors in the UK economy, but we also have shortfall in qualified engineering graduates, and a lack of diversity in the profession – the engineering workforce is 94% white and 91% male.


BP will be supporting the campaign throughout the year with a variety of events, experiences and articles on bp.com/yoe. We will also be producing a range of engineering-focused resources for the BP Educational Service website.


The Year of Engineering launches in January 2018. To celebrate the announcement, Year of Engineering partners are highlighting some of the many different ways that individuals and organisations can #inspireanengineer on social media – follow the hashtag on Twitter to find out more. You can also visit the Year of Engineering partner website for more information.

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