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BPme Click & Collect is here

You can now use the BPme app to Click & Collect your favourite bp, M&S Food and Wild Bean Cafe hot drinks. Just pick your bp store, choose your collection time slot, pay ahead in-app and your items will be ready for you on arrival.
Click & Collect

It's never been easier to get what you need from bp on the go.

BPme Click & Collect is our latest feature to be added to the BPme app. Use BPme Click & Collect for a range of M&S Food groceries, snacks and bp essentials  - right from the palm of your hand.

BPme Click and Collect

You can select your products, pay for them on your phone, and then head into the store, where they'll be waiting for you at the till. It's just that easy! Without having to queue to pay, you'll be in and out and back on the road in no time. 


We'll even send you an email receipt, and you'll earn BPme Rewards points on your relevant transactions too.

How does BPme Click & Collect work?

Step 1: Open the BPme app
Open the BPme app, register or login if necessary, click the 'Click & Collect' tab and choose your store. 
Step 2: Browse & Purchase
Choose your products, choose your collection time and make your payment in the app.
Step 3: Head to the store
Make your way to your BP, and go straight to the Wild Bean Cafe counter or the Night Pay window where your order will be waiting. Don't forget your order number.

Where can I use BPme Click & Collect?

BPme Click & Collect functionality is live at our bp M&S stores across the UK. More stores will be added in the near future, but right now you can see if your local bp is live by checking within the “Pick Your Site” section of BPme Click & Collect – easy!

How to get started

First things first, head to your relevant app-store and get the BPme app. Once you've registered, head to the "Click & Collect" tab, choose your nearest store and start browsing! If you've already registered with BPmeRewards.co.uk,  you can use the same username & password to access BPme.


Download BPme today

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay for my BPme Click & Collect purchases via BPme, or do I have to pay in-store when I pick it up?
BPme Click & Collect purchases are paid for within the app, using the debit/credit card you’ve loaded into BPme. We want to make your collection experience in-store be as quick as possible. So, to save time at the till, simply advise our friendly store staff at the BPme Click & Collect collection point, of your order number and collect your items as you’ve already paid!
What can I buy via BPme Click & Collect?
BPme Click & Collect allows you to purchase a range of M&S Food and bp essentials. From groceries for that mid-week top-up shop, snacks for now and dinner when you get home.  You can even order Wild Bean Café hot drinks, hot snacks and pastries on the go – when you need them most!
Which stores can I use BPme Click & Collect at?

Find your nearest BPme Click & Collect store within the “Pick  Your Site” section of the BPme 'Click & Collect' tab, those nearest to you will appear first! All our bp M&S  sites are currently live with Click & Collect functionality. We'll always be looking to add more stores, so keep an eye on the app or on this web page. 

Why is my local BPme Click & Collect store sometimes “unavailable”?

Within the “Pick Your Site” section of BPme Click & Collect sometimes stores will be shown as offline or “unavailable”.  BPme Click & Collect operating hours, across all stores, are typically between 6am and 8pm daily. If stores are offline during this period it could be because our  team members are unable to prepare your products as quickly as they'd like to. Please check the app again in a short while or pop into store where a team member will be happy to help.

Where do I collect my BPme Click & Collect order?
Orders can be collected from either the night pay window or the Wild Bean Cafe counter, depending on your selected collection store; on arrival at store please look out for signage which will direct you and in-store teams will be happy to help. 
When will my hot drinks and hot food items be prepared?

Your Wild Bean Cafe hot drinks and hot snacks will be prepared for the collection time specified in your order. 

Can I earn BPme Rewards points on my BPme Click & Collect purchases?

Yes you can! All BPme Click & Collect transactions will earn BPme Rewards loyalty points. You’ll be able to see how many points you earned within your email receipt. 

When will I be able to redeem my BPme Rewards on BPme Click & Collect transactions?

BPme Rewards pay with points redemption is currently not yet available on BPme Click & Collect purchases. We’re always adding new functionality to the BPme app, so please keep an eye for updates in the very near future. 

Do I have to be at a bp store to place my order?
No, you don’t. BPme Click & Collect enables you to submit your order at a time that suits you - up to an hour in advance and in 10 minute increments. This means you'll be able to place your order before you hop in the car and start your journey or when you just pull up at the pump so that it's ready when you're finished fuelling. 
Can I use the payment methods that I use to pay for fuel to pay for my BPme Click & Collect order?
Yes, you can – any debit or credit cards that you’ve loaded into your BPme account can be used for both BPme Pay for Fuel and BPme Click & Collect transactions.   
Where can I access all of my previous order information in BPme?
All of your order history information is available to view at any time via the ‘History’ section of the BPme 'Click & Collect' tab.
Can I create favourite products via BPme Click & Collect?
Yes, you can! Once you have added an item to your BPme Click & Collect basket, you will see a star icon next to it – tap on the star and, once it turns green, you will have successfully marked the item as a favourite. If you would like to reorder that item for a future purchase, you can do so via the ‘Favourites’ section of BPme 'Click & Collect' – simply tap on the ‘reorder’ button next to your item of choice and it will automatically be added to your basket.
What should I do if I have accidentally placed an order at the wrong bp store?
If you accidentally place an order at the wrong store for pick up, please call our Careline team as soon as possible on 0800 402 402. They will inform the store via email and will begin the process of refunding the incorrect order back to you.
What do I do if I no longer want my order or I cannot make my collection slot?
bp will automatically refund any uncollected orders at the end of the working day. To cancel your order ahead of this and trigger a refund, please contact our Careline team on 0800 402 402 or careline@bp.com process your refund.
How can I change my collection time after I’ve placed an order?
Unfortunately, we're currently unable to amend collection slot times once your order has been processed. Any uncollected orders at the end of the working day will be automatically refunded by the store. To cancel your order ahead of this, please contact the BP Careline team on 0800 402 402 or careline@bp.com 
How can I change items in my order after I’ve placed it?
On arrival to store our friendly store teams will be happy to change your order. 
How do I check allergen, nutritional or ingredient information on the products sold?

All nutritional, allergen and full ingredient details can be found by either: 

  • Speaking to a member of the team on arrival to store
  • Telephoning your local store 
  • Or visiting our Wild Bean Cafe nutritional information page here
I forgot to order an item and want to add something to my order
One of our team members in-store will be happy to help on arrival to store. 
Where do I find my order number?
All of your previous and current order numbers can be found within the 'History' section of BPme. To find it, tap on 'Click & Collect' within BPme, you need to select at a site first and then a 'History' will appear in the near-top right. All of your orders will now appear in date order, here you can also view what items you ordered, the amount and you can even repeat the order with one tap! 
The BPme Click & Collect terms and conditions can be found here.
Full BPme app terms and conditions can be found here.