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Meal deal

Enjoy a delicious M&S sandwich, refresh yourself with a drink & treat yourself with a tasty snack whilst on the move all for £4.50
£4.50 meal deal

You can tailor your lunch exactly how you want to with our array of products contained within this deal whether you want to be healthy or treat yourself we've got you covered with our meal deal.


Terms & Conditions

Selected products only and subject to availability, see in store for details. Offer ends 31 May 2019. Offer includes one main, drink and snack from the following: (i) Main: M&S sandwich, wrap, roll or selected salad* (*Chilli and Lime Salad 295g; Chicken, Bacon and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad 380g; Tomato and Basil Chicken Salad 205g or 380g; Super Wholefood and Feta Salad 290g (v); Eat Well Pasta Salad with Feta Cheese and Tomato 190g (v); Eat Well Prawn Layer Salad 220g; Moroccan Chicken Salad 255g; Fuller Longer Teriyaki Prawns & Rice 205g; Smoked Salmon Lentil Salad 189g; Lochmuir Salmon Pasta 205g); (ii) Drink: Coca-Cola 500ml all varieties; Evian Action 750ml; Evian Rose&Grape, Lemon&Elderflower or Raspberry&Verbena 37cl; Badoit 50cl; Red Bull 250ml all varieties; Ribena 500ml all varieties; Highland Spring 750ml; Hydr8 500ml all varieties; Fanta 500ml all varieties; Dr Pepper 500ml; Sprite 500ml; Oasis 500ml all varieties; Volvic 1litre; M&S Cloudy Lemonade, M&S SFree Cranberry&Lemonade, M&S EW Sparkling Water 500ml, M&S Mango,  pineapple&Passionfruit Smoothie, M&S Superberry Smoothie, M&S Coconut Water, M&S Tropical Juice with Kale, M&S Pineapple Ginger Juice, M&S White Tea with Apple & Mint, M&S White Tea Peach Juice, M&S Berry Medley Fresh SQ, M&S P/Lady Apple Juice FS, M&S Orange Juice Fresh Sq, M&S No bits FS Orange Juice, M&S Blood Orange Sparkling, M&S Still Peach & Raspberry 500ml, M&S Sparkling Lemon&Lime 500ml, M&S White Chocolate Milkshake, M&S Belgium Chocolate Milkshake, M&S British Strawberry Milkshake, M&S Sugar Free Ginger Beer, or WBC large hot drink; and (iii) snack: Walkers 50g all varieties; Quavers 34g; Monster Munch 40g all varieties; Wotsits 36g; Doritos 55g all varieties; M&S Hand Cooked Crisps 40g all varieties; M&S Sweet Potato Crisps 55g; M&S Cheese Tasters 30g; Thai Chilli 30g; or Eat Natural Bar 45g or 50g all varieties