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Meal deal

Enjoy a delicious M&S sandwich, refresh yourself with a drink & treat yourself with a tasty snack whilst on the move all for £4.50 or less.
£4.50 meal deal

You can tailor your lunch exactly how you want to with our array of products contained within this deal whether you want to be healthy or treat yourself we've got you covered with our meal deal.


Terms & Conditions

Offer includes one main, drink and snack from the products listed below.  Offer ends 01/04/2019. Subject to availability.
(i) Main: Sandwich / Flat Bread: brie & bacon, roast chicken & avocado, meat feast, smoked ham & mustard, roast beef & horseradish, classic selection, smoked salmon & soft cheese, chicken & bacon, the club, salmon & cucumber, ham cheese & pickle, chicken stuffing, beef horseradish, chicken avocado, roast chicken/stuffing, egg & watercress, deli pastrami, cheddar cheese ploughman, cheese & onion, chicken no mayo, egg mayo, smoked ham, chicken & veg, roast chicken & chorizo, turkey feast; smoked ham & coleslaw, egg mayo, cheese & onion, coronation chicken, free range egg & bacon, blt, chicken & pesto, blackened chicken, cheese & celery, wensdale & carrot, honey roast ham & cheese, egg tomato & salad cream, ham/cheese/pickle, brie grape & cranberry, roasted veg avo, pastrami, bbq pulled pork coleslaw, ham hock & beetroot piccalilli, chicken & sweetcorn, prawn mayo, salmon & cucumber, roast chicken salad, poached salmon & watercress, sandwich selection, turkey & pastrami, Made without wheat – blt, egg & watercress, prawn mayo, cheese & pickle. Rolls / Wraps: egg & ham, hoisin duck, beef & onion, Mexican 3 bean, chicken Caesar, chicken & chorizo paella, tuna & cucumber, chicken fajita, hoisin duck, sushi, cheese tomato pickle, tuna/cucumber, cheese & tomato, classic mini selection, piri piri, falafel, Made without wheat– piri piri chicken, hoisin duck. Salads / Paste / Pots / sushi: cauliflower trio veg; greens & seeds; tuna & red cabbage, tomato basil chicken, Moroccan spiced chicken, chilli  chicken salad, pasta chick/bacon sweetcorn, prawn layer, super green edamame, beetroot & feta, avocado egg chilli jam, crayfish & rocket, egg tomato and spin, pasta feta/tomato, super wholefood, Moroccan chick salad, teriyaki prawns rice salad. Toasties: cheese, cheese & ham, chicken & chorizo.
(ii) Drink: Fuze tea 440ml, Ribena 500ml, Coca-Cola 500ml, Lucozade 500ml, hydr8 500ml, Glaceau smart water, Fanta 500ml, dr pepper 500ml, sprite 500ml, Oasis 500ml: all varieties white tea peach juice, pineapple ginger juice, no bits fs orange juice, orange juice freshly squeezed, sparkling lemon & lime 500ml; still peach & rasp 500ml, p/lady apple juice freshly squeezed, superberry smoothie; eat well sparkling water 500ml; berry medley fresh sq, mango pine & pass smoothie, cloudy lemonade, British strawberry milkshake; sugar free cranberry & lemonade; sugar free ginger beer, blood orange sparkling, Belgium chocolate milkshake, white chocolate milkshake, tropical juice with kale, coconut water, highland spring 750ml sports cap, orange & mango fresh sq., pineapple & watermelon; aloe water & white grape; pomegranate juice boost; cold pressed carrot juice; white tea with apple & mint; rhubarb ginger beer; WBC hot drink, highland spring 500ml; Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7 Up, Lipton, Refresh’d, Purdey’s, Fruit Shoot, Aqua Libra, Tango, Drench and R Whites All Varieties 250ml to 600ml, Coke, Monster, Relentless, Fuze, Honest, Adez, Schweppes, Lilt, Appletiser and  Caprisun All Varieties 250ml - 850ml, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee All Varieties 330ml, V, Orangina and Tru Nopal All Varieties 250ml to 750ml, Tropicana, Copella, Quaker All Varieties 300ml to 330ml, Irn Bru All Varieties 330ml to 500ml.
(iii) Snack: Walkers crisps all varieties 21-55g; M&S hand cooked 40g crisps, All Varieties, mini cocktail sausage, teriyaki chicken bites, chargrilled chicken protein pot, cheese tasters, chicken avo pot, beets & feta veg pot, sweet potato crisps 40g; Magnum Singles All Varieties 88ml to 110ml, Snickers 48g, Twix 50g, Mars 51g, Bounty 57g, Galaxy 42g, Cadbury Duos All Varieties 51g to 80g. Promoter is BP Oil UK Limited, 500-600 Witan Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1ES