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5ppl off fuel when you buy any 2 products plus 250 bonus points
Evian 75Cl, Maltesers 93G, Maltesers Buttons 93G, Galaxy Minstrels 118G, Revels 101G, Galaxy Counters 112G, M&M'S Peanut 125G, Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo 120G, Cadbury Dairy Milk 110G, Cadbury Dairy Milk Wholenut 120G, Cadbury  Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut 120G, Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt 40G, Kind Caramel Almond & Sea Salt 40G, Kind Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate 40G, Kind Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt 40G, Kind Madagascan Vanilla Almond 40G, Kind Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond 40G, Kind Almond & Coconut 40G, Kind Dark Chocolate Almond Mint 40G, Walkers Stax Sour Cream & Onion 170G, Walkers Stax Original 170G, Walkers Stax Paprika 170G, Doritos Cool Original 150G, Doritos Chilli Heatwave 150G, Doritos Tangy Cheese 150G, Walkers Max Strong Chilli & Lime 150G, Walkers Max Strong Jalapeno & Cheese 150G, Walkers Max Paprika 150G, Cruga Original Biltong 40G, Kings Wagyu Jerky 25G


2 for £1.50 plus 50 bonus points

Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Treasure 14.4G, Cadbury Dairy Milk Duo 58.6G, Double Decker Duo 80G, Cadbury Wispa Duo 51G, Cadbury Boost Duo 68G.


2 for £1.50 plus 50 bonus points

Twix White Xtra 75G, Mars Duo 78.8G, Snickers Duo 83.4G, Twix Xtra 75G, Bounty Triple 85G, Maltesers Big Bag 58.5G, Galaxy Milk  Little Bit More 75G, Galaxy Minstrels Big Bag 66G, M&M'S Peanut Big Bag 70G, Kinder Surprise 20G, Kinder Bueno Milk & Hazelnut 43G, Kinder Bueno White T2 39G, Nutella B-Ready 22G, Lindt Lindor 38G, Lindt Lindor Orange Milk Chocolate 38G, Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Treat Bar 38G, Lindt Nocciolatte 40Gm, Hula Hoops Big Hoops Bbq Beef Gb 50G, Hula Hoops Big Hoops Original 50G, Hula Hoops Big Hoops Salt & Vinegar 50G, Hula Hoops Big Hoops Spicy Chilli 50G, Walkers Cheese & Onion Grab Bag 50G, Walkers Ready Salted 50G, Walkers Salt & Vinegar 50G, Walkers Prawn Cocktail 50G, Walkers Roast Chicken 50G, Walkers Smoky Bacon 50G, Walkers Spicy Sriracha 50G, Walkers Bbq Pulled Pork 50G, Walkers Max Paprika Crisps 50G, Walkers Max Flamin Hot Crisps 50G, Walkers Max Flame Grilled Steak 50G, Doritos Chilli Heatwave 55G, Doritos Cool Original 55G, Doritos Tangy Cheese 55G, Walkers Monster Munch Flamin Hot 40G, Monster Munch Pickled Onion 40G, Monster Munch Roast Beef 40G, Walkers Squares Salt & Vinegar 40G, Wotsits Really Cheesy 36G, Walkers Quavers Grab Bag 34G, Walkers Max Strong Jalapeno & Cheese 50G, Walkers Max Strong Hot Chicken Wings 50G, Walkers Baked Ready Salted 37.5G, Baked Cheese And Onion 37.5G, Walkers Oven Baked Fusions Cheddar & Red Pepper 35G, Walkers Oven Baked Fusions Spicy Tomato & Herbs 35G.


2 for £2.70 plus 50 bonus points

Red Bull Energy Drink 250Ml, Red Bull Sugarfree 250Ml, Red Bull Coconut 250Ml, Red Bull Coconut Sugar Free 250Ml, Red Bull Tropical Edition 250Ml


2 for £2.30 plus 50 bonus points

Purdeys Rejuvenate 330Ml, Purdey'S Edge 330Ml, Purdey'S Edge 250Ml, Purdey'S Rejuvenate 250Ml


Only £1.50 plus 50 bonus points

Honest Organic Coffee Mocha 240Ml, Honest Organic Coffee Latte 240Ml, Adez Awesome Oat Strawberry & Banana 250Ml, Adez Courageous Coconut Berry 250Ml, Adez Amazing Almond Mango & Passionfruit 250Ml