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The road ahead

The mobility revolution is accelerating fast. But, whether you’re thinking about going electric or planning to stick with a conventional engine a while longer, BP is advancing the options that will keep you moving in a way that’s cleaner and better

Hear that? Quiet, isn’t it?


That sound you can’t hear is progress. The quiet hum of electric vehicles (EVs) that are causing a big clatter.


They’re on the news and on our roads, revolutionizing the way we drive. There could be as many as 300 million EVs globally by 2040, our economics gurus believe.


And, at BP, we’re working hard to bring the revolution to your high street.


We’ve invested in the UK’s largest public EV charging network − the POLAR network  − run by BP Chargemaster. Today, you’ll find 6,500 places to plug in up and down the UK and you’ll see ultra-fast charging points appearing on BP forecourts during summer 2019.

In a bid to boost EV numbers and overcome one of the stumbling blocks to ownership, we’re putting our know-how behind charging and battery technology that we hope could one day slash charging times from 30 minutes to the time it now takes to fill up your regular tank.


But the future is not just electric. Our economists also tell us that more than three-quarters of the cars on the road in 2040 will still have conventional engines. So, making gains in fuel and vehicle efficiency will also play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Right now, we’re developing advanced fuels and lubricants that will help conventional cars to run more efficiently, as well as offering our customers innovative ways to offset their emissions.


So, wherever your day takes you, we’ll be right there, providing the fuel you need to help you keep moving, and keep advancing.

More possibilities

As we look to the future we’re working to make every part of our business lower carbon

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