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Blade runners

Wind turbines are flying high. With sleeker blades and improved technology, our wind farms are producing more megawatts at a more competitive cost than ever before. But how do you keep the lights on when the wind stops blowing? At BP, we see a simple answer: we see cleaner-burning natural gas. It’s a perfect partner to renewables to help the world keep advancing

What is fish without chips, peanut butter without jelly, and bread without butter?


Everyone has their perfect partner.


At BP, we agree.

We are one of the major wind energy businesses in the US, capable of a gross production of over 1,800 megawatts a year.


Our turbines are placed in some of the windiest parts of the country, so we can generate enough electricity to power all the homes in a city the size of Dallas.  

But, on those rare still days, that’s where natural gas comes in.


Natural gas can keep the lights on with an energy that generates power more cleanly than coal − with around half the CO2 emissions.


That’s why we see natural gas as the perfect partner to wind and solar power, too.


We’ve also teamed up with Tesla to pilot a high-storage battery at our Titan 1 Wind Farm in South Dakota. The battery allows electricity to be stored for the site to use at those times when the wind stops blowing.


At BP, we bring together good ideas. 

More possibilities

As we look to the future we’re working to make every part of our business lower carbon

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