How do I view the summary of my transactions?

Your transaction summaries are saved in BPme and can be viewed at any time. To view them, go to your account settings, and tap Past Purchases. Your transactions are organised by date, with your most recent transaction at the top of the list. Tap the one you wish to review the transaction summary for and the details will be displayed. You will also receive a receipt to your registered email address immediately after the transaction.

Lost or Stolen

What happens if I lose my phone?

If your phone is lost or stolen, call your phone operator to have it stopped or wiped. For security, we do not keep your personal information or card details directly on your phone. The app itself is protected by your PIN code, so nobody else should be able to use your phone to pay for fuel. Finally, as a last resort, you can always email us if you would like your BPme account stopped.


How can I see my Nectar details within BPme?

In the offers section,  you can see your Nectar balance in both points and the equivalent monetary value. You are also able to see how many Nectar points you earned on your transaction within your email receipt and your transaction summary. Please note that for some offers your points might be credited after 28 days.

Will I still earn Nectar points if I use the app?

Absolutely! Add your Nectar card to your account in the offers section, and your points will automatically be added as part of your BPme transactions.

Can I add my missing nectar points retrospectively?

Unfortunately, points can only be added once you have linked the app to your card. 

If I have a fuel and shop offer and I pay with BPme and then go into the store to make a transaction, will I get the bonus points on both transactions?

No, the bonus points will be awarded to the transaction that you do first. 

Do I still need my nectar card? Can the stores just use the app details?

Yes – you still need your nectar card to swipe on any in-store transactions


I have more than one payment card registered, can I set one as my preferred card?

Yes. Select payment details from within the Account section and simply tap on the card you want to be your preferred payment method. You'll see a green tick by the card which is set as your default. 

There was a problem when I tried to add my payment card to BPme

Don't panic, your card could have declined for a few reasons. We only accept Visa & Mastercard debit and credit cards. If you're trying to add a supported card, please double check you've entered all of your details correctly and that the card is still valid. If you're still having some issues, please call your bank to check everything is ok.

Can I purchase anything other than fuel through BPme?

At the moment, you are only able to pay for fuel using the app. If you wish to purchase any other products, you will need to pay for these in-store.

What price will I pay for my fuel?

The price will be the same as if you were to pay in the normal way. Our fuel prices are displayed on the entrance to site and at all of our pumps too.

Why can't I pay with my BP Fuel Card?

Sorry you can't yet but we are working on it -  you'll be able to pay with your BP Fuel Card later in 2018. Watch this space! 

Why is there a pending amount for BP in my bank statement?

To streamline the process of paying for fuel, BPme completes a check with your bank to confirm that you have the available funds before authorising the pump. The amount you choose to fill up by (or £100 if you choose to fill your tank) will be reserved from your balance. But don't worry, you will only be charged for the total amount of fuel dispensed. The whole payment process can take up to 10 days, depending on your bank.

What payment cards do you accept?

At launch, BPme accepts VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards. We are continuing to add more payment types, so watch this space! 

Will I be charged for the total preset amount (ie £50 but only actually needed £43)?

To streamline the process of paying for fuel, BPme completes a check with your bank to confirm that you have the available funds before authorising the pump.

The amount pending depends on the amount you selected to fill up by - but don't worry, you will only be charged for the total amount of fuel dispensed. This process can take up to 10 days, depending on your bank.

Do I need to select an amount before I fuel?

You can choose to fill up by a specific amount or simply set the toggle to Full tank - in which case the pump will be authorised up to £100.

Can I cancel the transaction?

A transaction can be cancelled through the app all the way up to the point that you lift the pump handle. As a safety measure, the app will automatically cancel the transaction if you haven’t lifted the pump handle within one minute. 

How will the cashier know I’m paying with the app?

Don’t worry, they will see it on their till screen that you're using BPme.

I have selected the wrong pump and paid for someone else’s fuel, can I get a refund?

If you think you've paid for the wrong pump via BPme, please pop in store to chat to the BP Customer Service Representative, as you will still need to pay for the pump that you have used. Then, contact BP Customer Support on 0800 402 402 to arrange a refund.

When I attempted to pay for fuel using the same payment card at the same visit, the transaction was declined. Why?

We have noticed some banks will allow your first transaction but will decline your second transaction. Please follow any instructions issued by your bank to proceed with the transaction or use an alternative payment card.

Pump issues

Why did the pump stop before the amount I requested?

Your tank may have reached full before we got to the amount you requested. If this wasn't the case then there may have been a problem with the pump. However, on some sites, we may need to stop the pump a little bit before your requested amount so that we don’t go over. But don’t worry, you’ll only be charged for the amount of fuel pumped.


What should I do with my phone whilst I am fuelling?

For safety, please keep your phone in the vehicle when you're filling up.

Why can't I use Pay for Fuel on my motorbike?

For safety reasons, you are unable to use Pay for Fuel on your motorbike. Phones can only be used inside a vehicle and inside the store.

Technical Issues

What happens if my phone dies or the app freezes?

If we have given you the all clear to start fuelling, then you can carry on as normal and your receipt will be available when you next check your emails. If you hadn't received this message - your transaction will have been cancelled and your card will not have been charged (although it may have been pre-authorised so an amount may have been 'temporarily reserved' from your available funds and will be returned to you by your bank within 7 days). 

If you were at an earlier stage of the process, you can log into BPme from another smartphone. If you are unsure you have completed a transaction, please speak to a member of site staff to check if the transaction has gone through to avoid a drive off.

For your security, we advise that you make sure you log out at the completion of your transaction. 

Why can’t I select my pump number in BPme?

In certain instances, individual pumps may not be available for use within BPme. Where possible, please move to a different pump and try again.


How does BPme work?

First, BPme uses your location to securely check you into a site. You then need to pick your pump number and confirm the amount you'd like to fill up with. We will then complete a pre-authorisation with your bank, and unlock your pump so that you can start fuelling! Once you've finished fuelling, replaced the pump and are back in your vehicle, you'll see a summary of the transaction on your phone and you're good to go! We will then send a full copy of your receipt to your registered email address.

Can anyone use this service?

For safety reasons, motorcyclists should not use BPme. Currently, we also cannot accept BP Fuel Card customers either - but this feature will be available later in 2018.

Where can I use BPme?

Pay for Fuel is being rolled out across our network in 2018 - so it will be coming soon! When you arrive at a BP station and open BPme you will receive a message if Pay for Fuel is unavailable. To locate the BP nearest to you that offers Pay for Fuel – simply go to Station Finder and filter on 'BPme Enabled'.

Will the app use up a lot of my battery life?

The app has been designed to minimise battery usage.

How much data will it use?

The app has been designed to minimise data usage.

What happens if I have no signal on my phone?

The app needs at least 3G signal to work, or be connected to WiFi. If you don't have enough signal at a site, please fill up and pay in store.

Am I allowed to use a mobile phone at a petrol station?

You can use your phone when you’re inside your stationary vehicle or when you’re in the BP store. 

Does the service work with all types of fuel?

You will be able to fill up with Ultimate fuels, regular fuels and LPG. 

Can HGV drivers use the app?

Absolutely! The maximum amount that you can still fill up by however is £100.

What happens after I have finished fuelling?

Once you've finished fuelling - you're good to go! You will see a transaction summary appear on your phone once you return to your car, and will receive an email receipt too.

When I select "Full Tank", what’s the maximum amount of fuel I can receive?

By selecting "Full Tank", we will ask your bank to authorise  £100, but don't worry, you will only be charged for the amount that you use.

Why are you using my location and how long for?

To ensure that we securely check you in to the correct site, we need to confirm your location using your phone's GPS signal. We will only use your location when BPme is running.

Further Information

If you haven't found what you are looking for, contact BPme support

Phone number: 0800 402 402 
Email address: BPmeUK@bp.com

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