5p off per litre

Whether you've stuck to your new year's resolution or not enjoy 5p off every litre with healthy treats and sugary sweets

We want to help our customers whether you've given up on your new years resolution or have managed to stick to the healthy snacks by giving you 5p off per litre when you do!

Terms and Conditions

Offer excludes all fuel card transactions

Promoter: BP Oil UK Ltd, 500-600 Witan Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 1ES

Receive 5p discount off each full litre of BP petrol, diesel or LPG autogas, up to a maximum of 100 litres purchased for a single vehicle in a single transaction when you buy any 2 selected products. Offer includes; Lucozade All Varieties 500ml, V Guarana Energy Drink 250ml, Wrigley’s Limited Edition 45 Pack, Extra Peppermint, Spearmint, Cool Breeze 95 Pack, Maltesers Pouch 93g, Galaxy Minstrels 118g, Revels Pouch 101g, Galaxy Counters 112g, M&M’s Peanut 140g, M&M’s Choco Pouch 133g, Snickers Bites Pouch 119g, Mars Bites Pouch 119g, Twix Bites Pouch 123g, M&M’s Mix Pouch 128g, M&M’s Chocolate Bottle 100g, M&M’s Peanut Bottle 100g, Why Nut Pistachio Balls 22g, Why Nut Almond Balls 22g, Kind All Varieties 40g, Walkers Max All Varieties 150g. Offer is available until 05/03/18 at participating BP sites only, subject to availability. See www.bp.com/promotions for full conditions and list of participating sites.

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