5p off per litre

Kick off your health-kick with BP and enjoy 5p off every litre

Stick to your resolution this year with help from BP. We're encouraging you to stick to healthy snacks by giving you 5p off per litre when you do!

Terms and Conditions

Offer excludes all fuel card transactions

Promoter: BP Oil UK Ltd, 500-600 Witan Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 1ES

Terms & Conditions: Receive 5p discount off each full litre of BP petrol, diesel or LPG autogas, up to a maximum of 100 litres purchased for a single vehicle in a single transaction when you buy any 2 selected products. Offer includes; Highland Spring 750ml Sportcap, Bundu Biltong Original Beef 40g, Wild West Original Beef Jerky 35g, Strive Beef Biltong Original 35g, Wild West Deli All Varieties 50g, Mens Health Beef Jerky 30g, Wild West Chicken Fajita Jerky 35g, Wild West Chilli Beef Biltong 35g, Wild West Sea Salt & Black Pepper Salmon Jerky 35g, Wild West Honey BBQ Beef Jerky 35g, Cruga Biltong 40g Mars Protein Bar 57g, Snickers Protein Bar 57g , Yorkie Milk Pro 41.5g, Eat Natural Protein Packed 3x45g, Nakd All Varieties 4x35g, Nakd Posh Bits All Varieties 130g, Bounce Protein Energy Bites All Varieties 90g, Fulfil Vitamin & Protein Bar All Varieties 55g-60g. Offer is available until 05/02/18 at participating BP sites only, subject to availability. See www.bp.com/promotions for full conditions and list of participating sites. To the CSA: 1. Ring all items into the till including the fuel transaction and the two selected products 2. Enter PLU 9842 using the “Item UPC Entry” button 3. Highlight the fuel sale line within the virtual ticket 4. Press “Function” 5. Press “Line Discount” 6. Select “Fuel 5p/Litre” 7. Press “OK” and the till will calculate and apply the correct discount 8. Retain receipt and coupon with shift sheet for the manager to review.

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