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Julcsi's story

Instead of attending the academy of music, becoming a German speaking customer representative at bp. Meet the young and energetic Julcsi, who works with thousands of customers.

After not getting an admission to study music, Julcsi
decided to take a gap year at Germany and work while studying the language. When she moved back to Hungary and looking for jobs, bp seemed to be at the bottom of her list of potential workplaces.



I imagined bp to be a strict, inflexible, huge company with a rigid office environment



But the personal interview changed everything. Meeting her future line manager, who was delightful, honest, open and straight forward made Julcsi sure, that she wanted to join bp.



Feeling trusted and empowered at bp


Julcsi works as a German speaking customer service representative in our
Budapest office since the day she joined bp in 2018. In her own words, she
keeps contact with contracted car salons and service stations in Germany, making sure that there are no disruptions with their orders.



Our job is much more complex than a regular customer representative role. We are the voices of Aral and Castrol – our phone number is the one that is printed on the bottles. If there are any requests or problems, we are the first ones the customers will contact.



Besides dealing with incoming requests, she also checks on previous orders,
handles complaints and does back order management – meaning if a product is temporarily out of stock, she helps the customer find a similar one, to ensure that the business is running smoothly.

Julcsi supports 2 sales colleagues in Germany, and thousands of their customers on an ongoing bases, which means around 15-20 cases in a day. And what ensures the satisfaction of the customers? According to Julcsi, it is mutual respect, trust and taking the extra time to make sure that customers know that the team is there to help.


When Julcsi started her career at bp, she was only 20 years old and had very
little confidence regarding her first corporate job.  During the first few days she was extremely nervous, but soon she realized that she was in great hands, since her team was helpful and patient while they trained her.



After 6 months, I had the opportunity to start training those, who joined the team after me. This made me feel trusted and empowered.



When asked about what she is the proudest of, Julcsi says that it is the way
she is able to get along well very soon with every new customer or sales
colleague she is assigned to. Even though there are cases when the customer is moody and impatient, during the past years she could learn how to handle these situations and now she is able to close all conversations on a positive note.



What about now?


Her original goal when coming home was to start college.
Besides working full time, her studies were not neglected either: she graduates this summer in the field of communication. Working with different teams raised her interest in areas other than customer service, such as training newcomers or the work of the credit department. We don’t know what the future holds, but she definitely plans to continue her career at bp.



The fact, that when I go to the office, I am greeted in 5 different languages as I reach my floor in the elevator is pretty cool. I can have a quick chat with a different person every day. It feels like a family but there are many new faces and stories all the time.



In the current situation – working remotely since the middle of March – she
appreciates that music never disappeared from her life. Playing the piano
allows her to ease her mind and unwind after a long day of work.



I have no regrets about having a corporate career instead of a musical one. I feel freer,I have more opportunities here. Overall, I am much happier now