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Blood donation in the Budapest office

Our role in increasing the numbers of people who give blood

Reducing levels of blood from donors is a major concern, and signal danger for emergency and healthcare services. So, to raise awareness of what blood donation involves, and to encourage others to give blood, a group of GBS Europe volunteers, called Team Solaris,  organize regular blood donation sessions bp employees in our Szeged and Budapest offices, with help from the Hungarian Red Cross. 


An opportunity for employees to donate blood in the workplace is offered by bp three times a year. Around 100 colleagues usually participate, which equates to potentially saving around 350 lives. Team Solaris supports volunteers and coordinates the sessions. They also accompany colleagues who may want help to translate the local language to properly understand every single step, and feel confident to take part.


After each donation, every volunteer gets a sandwich, some chocolate and a coupon as an acknowledgement of the good deed and taking time to help others.


Giving blood regularly is not something I have to do, it’s something I want to do. I think this is one of the easiest ways to help people, to do something good – as well as to do something for my health, too. The fact, that bp has been organizing these regular events on site is so convenient: I can contribute to a good cause without having to spend time travelling somewhere else.
Claudia Rabe -Lead CSR, regular blood-donor