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BP Summer day

What’s better than a fun day at the zoo? Well, a fun day with BP friends and family at the zoo!


In June, BP’s business resource groups (BRGs) and the GBS Europe employee experience team invited BP staff in Hungary, along with family members, to take part in an informative yet amusing day in the Budapest and Szeged zoo.

The summer day helped raised awareness of the work our BRGs’ do, offering people the chance to talk, face to face, with BRG representatives; as well as providing an opportunity for colleagues to network and meet, with their families, outside the office. There were separate BRG booths throughout the zoo where colleagues could meet the volunteer committees and learn what the groups do – from Pride to working parents and BP WIN.


In addition to the BRG presence, animals, small and not so small, were the main attraction of the day. Parents enjoyed the guided, private zoo visit as much as their children. Childrens’ programmes included face painting and a dedicated play corner. The summer day is an annual event organized for BP staff in Hungary.