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Budapest Pride march 2022

2022 marked the 27th Budapest Pride March, the day when temperature was breaking record, but it was not the only one: since the feeling of bp community and belonging was rocketing to the sky!
On July 23rd around 100 bp colleagues of GBS Europe, representing various teams from both Budapest and Szeged offices, marched together alongside the picturesque Danube in the center of Hungarian capital. bp Pride community was also joined by their friends and families, creating welcoming atmosphere, while advocating for LGBTQ+ values and diversity principles. Safety, Respect, Empowerment are among the main pillars of a flourishing workplace, which truly resonates with the environment bp creates for everyone of our colleagues and beyond.


“Budapest Pride March 2022 was full of colors and good energy. It was really nice to be there once again with colleagues and friends.  What does this event symbolize? It’s a reminder, that a lot of people support and understand me” – Alfredo Kamachi, Pride BRG member. 

pride hungary
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