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Santa Claus visits BP

Smiling faces, excited buzz, co-workers and kids chatting while winter holiday music and cinnamon smell fills the room: this is our annual Santa event for staff and their kids

In the past ten years, the number of BP kids grew exponentially – so did the employee headcount. Recently, around 530 children had the chance to meet Santa at BP offices in Budapest and Szeged. The Santa visit is one of the first employee initiatives the company’s very own volunteer group, team Solaris, started in 2009 and still is among the most awaited ones. ‘This is a great opportunity to meet fellow BP parents on maternity / paternity leave, also, it’s simply amazing to see so many happy kids around Santa’ – says Timea, a group reporting team lead, proud mum of two, currently on maternity leave.


Team Solaris is proud to follow a 10-year-old tradition: Santa and his little helpers are always BP staff in disguise.

While the annual Christmas party gives us adults a nice opportunity to meet and catch up, Santa day is for our kids. It’s also fab that the Santa’s presents are environmentally conscious products.
Ákos Koloszár - L&D Project Lead