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Sweet life at BP

From the supporting environment to financial benefits, through work-life balance initiatives and social communities, there are a lot of ways BP sweetens everyday life for colleagues.

In November, BP staff shared their favourite Christmas dessert recipes to create a ‘BP in Hungary’ recipe book. A selection of the recipes was then made, with the help of celebrity chef, Rozina Wossala. Fresh ingredients and the right tools make a kitchen work effectively. Similarly, a supportive work environment and the right capabilities are essential for our colleagues to perform at their best in the office.



Rozina Wossala, shared with BP, the way she rewards herself after a long, successful day is also important, like providing comprehensive benefits: a modern and free health insurance, wide-range of fringe benefits and other bonus opportunities and rewards.



Besides the environment and the rewards, a chef needs to be patient and understand that excellent food takes time. To leaven dough, to marinade, to blend flavours – all key to creating the perfect results. Not only food needs time: colleagues need time too, to recharge, to grow and to be inspired. Maintaining a work-life balance through flexible working hours or agile working and working in a learning culture with colleagues that motivate you and inspire you to do your best is all available at BP.


Last but not least, Rozina mentioned how great meals can be adjusted to our taste with different spices, flavours and ingredients and how different courses complement each other. In the case of BP, colleagues can select from various community activities to spice up their working days: they can take part in volunteer programmes, join social communities and networks or join sport clubs.

The programme has not stopped with baking delicious BP cakes and cookies with Rozina and experiencing environment, reward, benefits, agile working and off-work opportunities through her lens.


In the Budapest and Szeged Christmas markets everyone had the opportunity to taste those yummy BP cookies. By purchasing a cookie the Christmas market visitors did not only have the possibility to experience the sweet life at BP, but to do something for a good cause.


The total income from the Christmas fairs will be distributed among three organizations: 

  • Children surgery department at Szeged Hospital
  • Hintalovon Foundation supporting children’ rights in Hungary
  • Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation

Viktor Knezevics, Head of Country was recently talking about the Sweet life at BP programme and our employee engagement and company culture in general on the radio. You can listen to the conversation her.


Please note, that the conversation is in hungarian.