Sing-Along karaoke at summer festivals

Huge karaoke stage for the couragous festival participiants to sing-along

You had the chance to meet us throughout August at the Sziget Festival and SZIN (Szeged Youth Festival). We have built a huge karaoke stage with large speakers, a giant digital screen for displaying the lyrics and placed several mics with different heights so that everybody can take part of the experience. One of the goals was to show the fun side of the BP corporate culture together with the even more important diversity and inclusivity, that the 2.200 employees in Hungary can experience in both the Budapest and Szeged office daily.

The other purpose of the Sing-Along installation was to generate interest about BP’s business and the current career opportunities in an unusual way and encourage the festivalgoers to consider joining the company – in case of foreign nationals, even consider moving in to Hungary, as many of the 15% of the current workforce did it in the past nine years.

Thanks to all of you who visited us at Sziget and SZIN. We hope you had a great time with us at the BP Sing-Along karaoke stand. We enjoyed meeting you and we were amazed by watching you singing your favourite songs.

If you missed the event or you would like to refresh your memories, take a look at some of our favourite photos from both festivals.

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