Thank you for unleashing your energy with BP at Sziget Festival and Szeged Youth Festival

BP Sing Along – a chance to unleash your energy and ‘get down’ with career and development

In August, colleagues joined a session to learn about the similarities between the planning and development of a singer’s career and their own. Lola (Judit Korsós) and András Kállay-Saunders shared their stories with BP colleagues - how they started their careers as singers, what kept them motivated and what they do every day to develop their skills.

Later, a giant karaoke installation was available at summer festivals, where anyone could become a singer for a while and unleash their energy while getting to know BP.

We hope you had a great time with us at the BP Sing-Along karaoke stand at Sziget Festival and at the Szeged Youth Festival! We enjoyed meeting you and we were inspired, listening to you  singing your favourite songs.

In case you missed out, take a look at our gallery or watch the video:

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