Tangguh delivers record cargoes in 2016

Tangguh closed 2016 by setting a record in production. By the end of the year, it delivered 119 LNG cargoes (equivalent to 117.9 standard cargoes – “standard” refers the 148,000 m3 of tanker capacity which BP uses as measurement), its highest ever in the history of Tangguh.

In Indonesia, Tangguh delivered a total of 26 cargoes to domestic market, consisting of PT Nusantara Regas (3 cargoes), PT PLN (15 cargoes), and PT PGN LNG Indonesia (8 cargoes). Tangguh also shipped 93 cargoes to China, Japan, South Korea and Mexico. Tangguh, increasingly, has been supplying LNG cargoes to domestic market since 2013, along with the readiness of Indonesia’s regasification capability.

This year, Tangguh will continue to support Indonesia’s growing energy needs as well as to place itself to be one of the key players in energy across the region.