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The BIRU Program Has A Real Impact On Indonesia's Community Lives, Here Are The Facts That You Should Know About It

BIRU Program
BIRU Program
Through The BIRU Program supported by bp Target Neutral in The Indonesian Domestic Biogas Project, now the community can produce their own low-carbon energy. Low-carbon energy can be obtained from animal waste by using a biogas digester. Once implemented in several provinces in Indonesia, more than 100.000 people have benefited from cooking, heating, and lamp lighting using low-carbon biogas. On top of that, here are the facts about The BIRU Program that you should know.

1. Carbon Reduction

The key benefit of  The BIRU Program is a significant carbon reduction. After being implemented in thousands of provinces, The BIRU Program successfully cut out around 20.000 tons of carbon. In the end, carbon reduction has a positive impact on the environment and locals' lives.


2. Increasing Crop Yields

It doesn't stop at carbon reduction. The use of a biogas digester leaves a bio-slurry of organic fertilizer that is beneficial for increasing crop yields. Compared to chemical fertilizers that are less affordable and leave an environmental footprint, organic fertilizers are proven to increase crop yields. With quality organic fertilizer, small farmers can increase their crop yields without spending too much money.


3. Less Energy for Cooking

The energy generated from The BIRU Program has helped families in Indonesia using less power for cooking. This fact is supported by an interview with one resident from South Sulawesi “I used to spend USD 15 every month to buy LPG for cooking. Now I can spend money on better food and milk for my child.” Nurlaila, Benteng Gajah, South Sulawesi.


4. Reducing Cooking Pollution

The BIRU program in Indonesia and several Asian countries has helped improve the local community's health by reducing smoke, carbon emissions, and dust from cooking with solid fuels such as firewood, animal waste, and coal. Reducing pollution certainly has a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

BIRU Program