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CSR: BP Target neutral

By choosing bp you're helping communities in Indonesia lower their carbon emissions.
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Carbon Neutral Gas Stations - Indonesia

What’s the project I'm supporting?

This project is taking place in the Indonesia Archipelago. Here, rapid industrialization and population growth is leading to a high demand for energy. In the densely populated cities, this is resulting in rises in greenhouse gas emissions, while in rural communities, lack of infrastructure means people are reliant on fossil fuels for domestic cooking which also increases carbon emissions.


bp is rolling out carbon neutral gas stations in Indonesia, aiming to make a positive contribution to the duel challenge of rising demand for energy but with lower emissions.


What will the project do?

All of the new gas stations we open in Indonesia are fitted out with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint. Any carbon emissions that cannot be reduced at the moment are offset to make the premises carbon neutral where the net emissions are zero.


bp Target Neutral supports this by purchasing carbon offsets from projects around the world, like this biodigester program in Indonesia which is making measureable emissions reductions.


How will the project help the Indonesian community?

The Biru Program in Indonesia is installing biodigesters that convert animal dung into renewable biogas. This can then be used for cooking, avoiding the cost and carbon emissions from fossil-fuels. It also improves indoor air-pollution and family respiratory health.


By filling up at bp gas stations you
are helping local communities reduce emissions and improve health outcomes. It’s a win, win!


Around 14%* of all global greenhouse gas emissions are related to transport, With your support, we can invest in projects around the world to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner, better future for everyone.



*IPCC (2014)

The Difference The Project will Make

It will save an estimated 45,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.



That's the same as 21,635* cars being taken off UK roads for a year



*Based on DEFRA 2017 CO2e kg/mile for an average UK passenger car and DfT 2016 average UK annual mileage.
To discover more, visit bptargetneutral.com