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bp Opening Site Silktown Promo

bp Opening Site Nginden

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promo period: 12 July - 22 July 2021
  2. Customers will get free merchandise: Jacket, Bluetooth Speaker, Game Boy, and Mini Notebook.
  3. Customers will get free merchandise for 10 liters fuel purchase (multiple transaction does not apply).
  4. Promo is valid for any fuels product purchase of BP 90, BP 92, BP 95, BP diesel.
  5.  To redeem the prize please include the fuel receipt.
  6. Only for the first 200 customers or based on stocks availability.
  7. Promo is only valid at bp Graha Raya Silktown service station.
For more information, please contact us through e-mail promotions@bpakr.com