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March Digital Activity

Digital Activity

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promo period starts from 18 March until 30 April 2021
  2. To join the promo, participants should have read and visit our website http://on.bp.com/3qRCxkR to answer the questions correctly
  3. Participants must follow bp Instagram account @bp_idn
  4. Participants can answer in the comment section on our Instagram post on @bp_idn
  5. Participants must mention 5 of their friends and invite them to follow @bp_idn
  6. The winner is the one who successfully invited 5 of their friends to follow @bp_idn and give their reasons on the favorite article
  7. The winners will be announced every 2 weeks on @bp_idn Instagram Story
  8. The decision on the winner is entirely the right of the jury and inviolable
For more information, please contact us through e-mail promotions@bpakr.com