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OVO Shoptakuler - Special Mission

OVO Shoptakuler - Special Mission

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promo is valid from 1–31 July 2023.
  2. Users who make transactions at BP AKR gas stations three times (3x) with a minimum transaction of IDR 150,000 will get 40,000 OVO Points Cashback.
  3. Only valid for payments using OVO Cash.
  4. One user is only entitled to get one time (1x) Cashback.
  5. Cashback in the form of OVO Points (1 OVO Point = Rp1).
  6. Cashback will be sent no later than 3 x 24 hours after the 3rd transaction is successful.
  7. Promo cannot be combined with other promos according to cooperating partners.
  8. If OVO Points are not received after the transaction, please report to OVO CS at 1500696 or cs@ovo.id (24 Hours).
  9. If fraud is found in the implementation of this promo, OVO has the right to cancel the OVO Points that have been given.
  10. If there is a complaint/refund request related to the product/payment, please contact the relevant merchant directly.
  11. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  12. In the event of OVO transaction failure due to any technical reason (either EDC or application) it is not the responsibility of the merchant. Consumers are required to make payments and can contact OVO CS.
  13. bp reserves the right to change or terminate the promo at any time without prior notice.

How to use

  1. On the homepage of eligible users there will be a banner "OVO Stamp".
  2. After clicking the "OVO Stamp" banner, users will be redirected to the OVO Stamp landing page.
  3. Users will participate in completing missions contained in the landing page.
  4. Users who successfully complete the mission will get 40,000 OVO Points Cashback.
For more information, please contact us through e-mail promotions@bpakr.com