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bp at India Energy Week 2024: Investing in India’s energy independence

India Energy Week is hosted by India’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. In 2024, this flagship energy event is set to take place in Goa from 6 - 9 February.

Join global bp leaders at India Energy Week 2024 as they talk about innovative solutions to fuel India's growth and tackle the energy trilemma through our AND, not OR strategy i.e. investing in both traditional and clean energy sources.
As India moves towards Amrit Kaal, a unique energy tapestry is set to unfold at India Energy Week 2024. Growth, collaboration and transition is set to take the centre stage and pave the way for a smooth transition to a secure, affordable, and clean energy future. 
bp will actively engage in the crucial discussions shaping India's energy transition. We'll explore the complex challenge of balancing affordability, security, and clean energy to meet the increasing energy demands of India's populace. During the event, bp’s AND, not OR strategy of investing in both traditional and low-carbon solutions will be showcased as a key driver of a smooth energy transition for India.
Global and regional leaders from bp will contribute valuable insights to critical panel discussions. 
Executive vice president of regions, corporate and solutions William Lin, will join the panel discussion on ‘Bridge, not barrier - how responsible oil and gas production can support climate goals’, to examine the continued investment in E&P activities, mitigate price volatility and explore how the industry can contribute to achieving our climate goals. 
Sashi Mukundan, president, bp India, will join the panel discussion on ‘Achieving energy independence for India by 2047’ and share bp's commitment to supporting India's self-reliance for energy.
Sophia Nadur, senior manager at bp ventures, will share her insights during ‘Sparking innovation – startups redefining the energy frontiers‘ panel discussion, where she'll champion the crucial role of startups in fueling India's sustainable energy future.
In another session, Varsha Singh, vice president GBS customer and bp Pune site lead, will lead the conversation on empowering women in the energy sector, pushing for greater gender participation in the future of work.
We will also be joined by Spencer Dale, chief economist and senior vice president economic and energy insights. During the panel discussion on ‘Economic growth trends and its imperatives for the planet’, he will delve into the critical interplay between dynamic economic shifts, global sustainability, environmental well-being and social equity.
Our presence at IEW will be concluded post a session on ‘Exploration opportunities in Indian Basins’ by Molyama Kromah, head TSI.
At bp, we believe in collaborative efforts to build a secure, sustainable, and inclusive energy future for India. We invite you to visit us at our booth 1B21 to connect with our team, explore our initiatives in detail, and discuss potential collaborations.