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bp India response: Covid-19

Protecting our people


Our priority always remains the safety and health of our people. All  employees including plant personnel and sales teams, are now working from home. We are doing our best to keep everyone healthy and well informed on what to do both from a precautionary perspective and in the unfortunate circumstance of contracting the virus. 


We have also taken the decision that for the current period no bp employees or ancillary staff will be impacted as a result of the lockdown. 


We recognize that coping with this pandemic is both a mental health challenge as well as a physical health threat. We are therefore offering our team the psychological support and comfort they might need to navigate this journey appropriately. 


Supporting our communities 


We are #InThisTogether. bp teams are stepping up and responding to this crisis and making contributions to communities across the world. In India, we too are committed to supporting our government and community through this pandemic. We know there is more we can do -- and that we won’t get everything right - but we are challenging ourselves to try to find more ways to make a positive impact. 


We are mobilizing Rs 12.5 crore (~$1.7 million) towards COVID-19 relief and response activities in India. Specifically, we will help various government hospitals across India with much needed equipment; provide personal protective equipment to police and garbage collectors in urban areas; and more importantly provide survival kits including groceries to the migrant daily wage earners and food for those stranded - especially the truck drivers at various transportation hubs. We are also reserving some funds to help pay part of the coronavirus related medical bills for the numerous truck drivers and mechanics, to help them tide over this difficult period. 


Our employees are keen to play a part in this fight against Covid-19. We have initiated a voluntary employee contribution drive which will add to these efforts. 


Protecting our business


This may well be the most challenging environment for the energy

businesses in decades, but we are confident that we will come through it – we know what to do and we have done it before. We are now acting quickly and decisively to further strengthen our business continuity plan in response to the currently volatile and extremely challenging market conditions. We will continue to review all these actions in response to changes in prevailing market conditions. 


Human resilience is a wonderful thing – we will overcome this crisis and hopefully, we will emerge stronger. In the meantime, let’s stay connected and let’s keep supporting each other to be the best we can every day. 


So much collective strength. How can we NOT overcome? #InThisTogether