We strive to be a world-class operator, a responsible corporate citizen and a good employer. We believe we have a positive role to play in meeting growing energy demand around the world

Keeping a relentless focus on safety is naturally a top priority for us. Rigorous management of risk helps to protect the people at the frontline, the places in which we operate and the value we create. We understand that operating in politically complex regions and technically demanding geographies, such as deep water and oil sands, requires particular sensitivity to local environments. We continue to enhance our systems, processes and standards, including how we manage the risks that can be created by the actions of our contractors and the operators of joint ventures in which we participate.

We can only operate if we maintain the trust of people inside and outside the company. We must earn people’s trust by being fair and responsible in everything we do. We monitor our performance closely and aim to report in a transparent way. We believe good communication and open dialogue are vital if we are to meet the expectations of our employees, customers, shareholders and the local communities in which we operate.

By supplying energy, we support economic development and help to improve quality of life for millions of people. Our activities also generate jobs, investment, infrastructure and revenues for governments and local communities.

BP India social investment strategy

India offers a long-term growth platform for BP. With a unique combination of hydrocarbon resources, growing consumer markets and a large talent pool, it provides BP with an opportunity to build a material business in the country. BP strongly believes in building long term and sustainable partnerships with  communities where they operate. BP aims to make a positive difference, wherever they do business. Social investment is one of the many ways in which they contribute to the community.

BP India’s social investment strategy seeks to contribute to the national development agenda and at the same time aligning with business objectives; it is an outcome of joint deliberations with  BP businesses in India. Our social investment strategy aims to create value through:
  • Skills: creating access to skills development opportunities to ensure improved quality of life; skills to build a safer and globally competitive workforce.
  • Safer mobility: safety in mobility solutions with a considered focus on reducing accidents, injuries and loss of life on roads in India.
  • Energy transition: strengthening the role of energy in achieving sustainable growth; addressing climate change and the need for access to energy for the citizens of the country.