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Applying for community investment

We are passionate about the communities in which we operate and that’s why we support a wide range of community and charity initiatives in New Zealand

Our community investment is provided through bp Gift Cards which can be used at bp service stations across New Zealand.

We receive numerous requests for donations from worthy organisations around New Zealand every day. As a result of this, we assess all requests against a set of criteria that aligns with bp’s community investment objectives. We are unable to support individuals, sporting events or teams or organisations with a political agenda.


There are three main categories for community investment:

  1. Education: bp sees fostering the next generation of Kiwi business leaders as good for business and good for the country. bp is proud to support the next generation of NZ success.
  2. Enterprise and Innovation: bp is a firm believer that it is innovation that drives enterprise.
  3. Leadership: New Zealand prospers off the back of leadership – bp has built its business from these attributes.


We appreciate that your time is valuable, so please ensure your organisation meets the eligibility criteria before submitting your request.


We have allocated our community funding for the year and are currently reviewing our approach for 2021.